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Pet Travel From Lebanon to the United States

Monday, August 3, 2015 by Pet Travel Center Questions

Hi PetRelocation,
We are moving permanently from Beirut, Lebanon to Columbia, MO and we need to take our dog with us. I need to know if it is feasible and how much it will cost us.

Hi Lilian,
Thank you for your question, we'd be happy to help! First you'll want to take a look at the pet import requirements for the United States. This is one of the easier countries to bring pets -- essentially you just need proof of an updated rabies vaccine and an international health certificate.
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Incredible Experiences: Gracie & Squeaks' Move to Singapore

Monday, August 3, 2015 by PetRelocation.com Customer

happy pet cat + baby reunionHere's a note from a recent client of ours -- when Amy was offered her dream job in Singapore (which meant bringing her 6-month-old son and two cats halfway across the world with her) we were happy to help Gracie and Squeaks reunite with her there!

Here's what she had to say about the move:

Hi Mandy!

I could not be happier with all of the help and outstanding service that PetRelocation has provided us. The girls are doing great. They didn't miss a beat -- sleeping all over the bed, letting me know...

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Pet News Round-Up: Globetrotting Pets & Hollywood Secrets

Friday, July 31, 2015 by Pet Travel News

The secrets of a Hollywood animal trainer.

Lucky dogs: Pet friendly hotels in Las Vegas.

Here's the latest batch of globetrotting pet stories to enjoy!

Does your dog ride shotgun?

2,000-year-old cat paw prints have been discovered.


max the cat

Have an adventure-filled weekend!

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Incredible Experiences: Hercules Moves to Texas!

Thursday, July 30, 2015 by PetRelocation.com Customer

hercules"SJU to DFW"

The PetRelocation team was great.

Hercules, my golden retriever, is a tall dog and requires the biggest crate made. Unfortunately a lot of airlines won't take that size crate anymore and others only take it on certain aircraft types. I could not find a way to get my dog back to Dallas from Puerto Rico after spending a few years there.

The PetRelocation team found a way to get him back for me. They made the entire process very stress free and painless. The fact that PetRelocation has...

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Pit Bull Travel to the United States from Dubai

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 by Pet Travel Questions


I would like to know what are the regulations for importing pets (specifically Pit Bulls) into the state of Nevada.

Thank you.



Hi Sonia,

Thank you for your question! As far as United States and Nevada import rules, there are no regulations against importing Pit Bulls. In fact, Nevada is one of a few states that has banned breed-specific legislation and in general the country is growing more Bully-friendly all the time.

However, you will need to check with the airline you're...

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Incredible Experiences: Three Pets Travel Around the World

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 by PetRelocation.com Customer

"Three Brave Pets Around the World!!!"

My name is Natasha and I was a GP in Brazil. I decided to move to Australia with my husband and my three lovely pets: two female shih tzu (Mel and Sophie) and one male cat (Pretinho).


Leaving them behind was never an option, so I decided that if I was really going to do this, I should do it properly. Migrating with pets from Brazil to Australia is definitely a difficult process to say the least (6-7 months in 3 different countries: Brazil for 5 months,...

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Preparing for Dog and Cat Travel to the UK

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 by Pet Travel Center Questions

Hi PetRelocation,
I am relocating from Philadelphia to the UK and would like to know what I will need to do to get my animals home safely. I brought them both out here in 2010 and I would like to get them back as smoothly as possible.

Sid is a pug, which seems to be a breed not accepted by most airlines. I do not want to put them in any kind of quarantine. I would like the most direct route for them and to cause them the least amount of stress.

Hi Helena,
Thank you for your...
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Tips for Cat Travel to The United States from Australia

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 by Pet Travel Questions

Hi PetRelocation,

My vet suggested I contact an agency to help with relocation and vaccination advice as he was unsure of said requirements for cats traveling from Australia to the United States. Do you have any contacts or can you help me?




Hi Jacinta,

Thanks for reaching out -- you've come to the right place!

When starting to plan a pet move, it's important to first understand the import requirements so that you can start to put together a timeline that works for you. We also...

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Incredible Experiences: Q's Move to Austin, TX

Monday, July 27, 2015 by PetRelocation.com Customer

Q the cat"PetRelocation Went Above and Beyond to Move My Cat"

The lovely people at PetRelocation went above and beyond to help us move our cat, Q, from Washington, D.C. to Austin, TX.

We had a hard time locating an airline-approved kennel for her, and when Amazon's 1-day express shipping failed to deliver one the night before we were all getting on a plane to leave the city, Heather and Brooke worked after hours to make sure there would be something to transport Q in.

My husband and I didn't have to worry,...

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Pet News Links: Luxury Pet Travel Options

Friday, July 24, 2015 by Pet Travel News

Inside the world of pet luxury and  the Ark at JFK International Airport.

Learn about traveling to Singapore with pets.

Austin's first cat cafe is in the works!

This Ikea in Germany has "dog parking spots."

BarkHappy could be the newest and coolest app for dogs.

Catch up with all the latest true life pet travel stories from our blog.


monkey the cat

Travel safely, pet lovers!


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Dog Air Travel to Canada from South Africa

Thursday, July 23, 2015 by Pet Travel Center Questions

Hi PetRelocation,
What are the necessary requirements and estimated costs to relocate my Pekingese (Chewy) to Canada from South Africa?
Thank you,
Hi Gail,
Thank you for your inquiry! It's best to start by taking a look at the pet import requirements for Canada via the official Canada government website. Here you'll find out about the paperwork and vaccines required for Chewy (primarily you'll need a rabies vaccination certificate). 
You can also prepare for your trip by looking over...
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Incredible Experiences: Calvin's Move to Switzerland

Thursday, July 23, 2015 by PetRelocation.com Customer

calvin"Calvin's First and Last Flight"

So I've had Calvin for eight years now, and I had to leave him behind already for one international move when we went to Australia for five years. It was heartbreaking saying goodbye to my little furry baby, and even more heartbreaking when we went home to visit every year.

He would go through his sassy stage and pretend like he forgot about me, then he'd start warming up to me, and a couple days later he wouldn't stop following me around the house and wouldn't...

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Pet Travel Q&A: "Can My Dog Fly in the Cabin?"

Wednesday, July 22, 2015 by Pet Travel Center Questions

Hi PetRelocation,
I must have my dog Wesley traveling with me in the cabin, not in the hold. I need him to be with me, as I get panic attacks when flying and he helps enormously to calm me down. He is a very well behaved, non-aggressive dog, loved by everyone who knows him.
Hi Silver,
Thank you for your inquiry! Whether or not your dog flies in the cabin or cargo completely depends on the rules of the airline you fly with. Generally speaking, pets usually need to go in the cargo...
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Pet Travel Spotlight: Singapore Pet Travel Stories

Wednesday, July 22, 2015 by PetRelocation.com Customer

stella singaporeWe've helped many pets move to Singapore (it's a popular place for expats and business travelers), and we understand how challenging planning a move like this can be -- especially in the beginning stages when you're just starting to sort out your options.

It usually helps to hear from real people who have tips and lessons to share, so we've rounded up a few pet travel story excerpts that will shed light on Singapore quarantine, the travel process, and settling in to your new home.

Take a look at...

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Incredible Experiences: Darci's Move from Texas to California

Tuesday, July 21, 2015 by PetRelocation.com Customer

darci and her boy"Dog and Boy, Reunited"

After only having a dog in the family for three months, I ended up changing jobs. With all the other stress, figuring out how to move Darci comfortably from Texas to California was just one more thing.

We found PetRelocation on the web along with several other companies. I called around and PetRelocation made me feel the most at ease. They were nice and professional. They answered all my questions and even let me know of a few things that I had not thought of.

In the end...

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Cat Travel from France to the United States

Tuesday, July 21, 2015 by Pet Travel Questions

Hi PetRelocation,

I just came to Paris last month and brought my cat with me. I did all the proper paperwork to get him here legally. I'm looking to go back to the US at the beginning of September. What do I need?

I still have all of his paperwork from bringing him over. Should I treat it as if he was never originally from the US? Thank you for your help.



Hi Danielle,

Thank you for your question! It won't make much of a difference that your cat started in the United States -- you'll...

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Incredible Experiences: Flapjack & Indiana's Move to Denmark

Monday, July 20, 2015 by PetRelocation.com Customer

We are really happy we used PetRelocation! 

I can't imagine any way in which our move halfway around the world with three animals could have gone more smoothly. 


We initially chose PetRelocation because of the wealth of information on the company website, and the wealth of knowledge of the first person I spoke to there. 

PetRelocation immediately put my worries of traveling with three animals, including one senior giant Great Dane, at ease. In addition, they were willing to help arrange all of...

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Pet News Round-Up: Service Dogs in the Air & Pet Travel Highlights

Friday, July 17, 2015 by Pet Travel News

Pet Moves = Incredible Experiences.

Singapore pet travel tips.

How to save money on pets and their various needs.

The process behind training service dogs to fly on airplanes.

Want to work at PetRelocation? Read about our hiring philosophy first.


monkey the cat

Have a wonderful weekend, pet lovers!

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5 Tips for Traveling to Singapore With Pets

Thursday, July 16, 2015 by Pet Travel News

zelphieSingapore, a diverse and modern global financial center, is a popular place for temporary and long term relocations for work and cultural adventure. This means that many pets are traveling to Singapore, too, as most families wouldn't dream of moving without their furry companions.

Moving pets to Singapore requires careful planning and is more easily carried out with the help of a pet travel expert. If you're considering a relocation to Singapore and have a pet who will be coming with you, start...

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Incredible Experiences: Merry & Joy's Move to Mississippi

Thursday, July 16, 2015 by PetRelocation.com Customer

merry & joy"Gratitude"

Moving is always difficult, but having two moves in a month is almost impossible.

Our moves were full of problems -- except for the moves of our two younger cats, sisters, who arrived healthy and well.

I'm so grateful. PetRelocation is compassionate and competent.

Name: Pattie
Pets' Names: Merry and Joy
From: Lake Forest, IL (outside of Chicago)
To: Oxford, MS




Please contact us for a pet travel consultation if you need help moving pets of your own!

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